Wood art

As a child I really liked to draw and paint... some of my teachers said I was quite talented, and that I should choose a profession which connects somehow to this kind of art. Hm, I don't know if they were right or wrong, but I know that as many of us I would like to leave my print in the world...

One of my favorite materials is the wood. I like natural things, I like to touch the wood, to smell it, and I cotton on to every kind of wood.

So I honestly hope that you will enjoy my photos of the wood-work I finished recently!


Northspring tabel

It all started with this one. I wanted a nice plate for my company, but couldn't find anyone who could make it. So I tried and this was the result.

In progress In use

In progress and then in use

Pack Creek Bear Hydrargium Pack Creek Bear Hydrargium

The model was Pack Creek Bear Hydrargium, and the photo was taken also by me.

Eli May Elly May of Siberian Lady

The model was Elly May of Siberian Lady, photo was taken by me.

Siberian Lady Quinny

A logo plate made for Siberian Lady Kennel, the model was our Quinny and the photographer was me.

Ledike Ledike

My old sweetheart...

The Siberian Husky

Table for the Hungarian Club with Quinny

BIS table made for the Hungaryan Club BIS table made for the Hungaryan Club

BIS table

These ones were made for the Club for Northern Breeds and Sled Dogs Hungary

Our Ed Ed

This was one made for own use of our Ed as youngster


Ekes Ekes

This one was made as a Christmas present for my friend.

Alaskan Malamute Alaskan Malamute

This one was made for the resque team of Sled dogs

Lanas es Quinnys Ed and Ivy

This one was made as a birthdays present for Quinyn's and Ed's breeder.

Pasek Box Pasek Box

Northspring's My Perfect Friday

It was made as a Christmas present to one of our puppy owners Anett (on the photo Northspring's My Perfect Friday).

Eli box Eli box

This was made with a mixed technique, burned and painted. It is our Eli on the picture.


Tuzvadasz Tuzvadasz

This pencil holder was made for Tűzvadász Magyar Agár Kennel

And more to come...