dob: 01.14.2006. Breeder: Winds from the North , Lana was 7 years old on the photo

If we believe in that we can find our soul mate in an animal, than she definitely is my soul mate. She was very special from the beginning to me. When I visited her at her breeder and had to choose my girl I fell in love. Not into her appearance, not into her one blue eye, but to the way she looked at me. I could not listen to my mind just to my heart and it was my best decision ever. I cannot imagine anything without her, she really is my girl.
Lana is the oldest of our girls, but never dominant. She is the cleverest in our pack. She is really easily handleable and always ready to work or play. In her appearance she is a correctly built husky with a bit bigger ears than expected, not a show dog. She is tall (56 cm) and strong female and has a very easy and light movement.

Lana left us at the age of 15. She gave us a chance to say goodbye and passed in my arms. She had as nice end as her whole life was. I'm incredibly grateful that I could share with her half of my own life that I remember. She was the best friend and the best partner in crime someone can wish for.

Lana Lana

Lana 6 years old

Lana's pedigree:

CH Up'n Running de la Vallee de Morava

CH Innisfree Arizona Ice-T

Palmy Girl De La Vallee De Morava

CH Innisfree's Ice T

Innafree's Chances

CH Lordly Golden Prince Dit Lucky Des Reves De Neige

CH Made of Snow de la Valle de Morava

CH Ovari Telepi Saba

Iglu Dogs Hudson

CH Tai-Mir of Wolf Gold Cay

CH Teeco's Artic Wind

CH Iglu Dogs Chammy Gold

CH Kontoki's All in Good Time

Amulett Jilka

Lana's show results:

Show Class Judge Result
28.03.2007. CACIB Kanjiza (Srb) Junior Mrs. Evica Misic (Srb) Exc-1, PRM, Junior BOB
06.05.2012. Specialty and Club Show, Apatin (Srb) Open Mr. Bratislav Milosevic (Srb) Exc1, CAC
05.05.2013. II Specialty and Club Show Apatin (Srb) Open Mr. Boris Spoljaric (Cro) Exc1, CAC
08.09.2013. EDF CAC Show Backa Palanka (Srb) Open Mr. Dusan Paunovic (Srb)
Exc1, CAC
12.04.2014. CAC Show Kikinda (Srb) Veteran Mrs. Stefica Lazic (Srb)
Exc1, Vet.CAC, Veteran BIS
04.05.2014. Panonija Show Apatin (Srb) Veteran Mr. Ratibor Cekic (Srb)
Exc1, Vet.CAC, Veteran BIS
12.04.2014. III Specialty Show for V FCI group "Panonija Apatin" (Srb) Veteran Mr. Gyorgy Tesics (Hu)
Exc1, Vet.CAC, Veteran BISS
14.05.2017. Panonija Show Apatin, Specialty for the V FCI Group (Srb) Veteran Dragana Bujisic Vasiljevic (Srb)
Exc1, Vet.CAC, Veteran BISS


Eyes: Clear (last check: 22.07.2008.) Hips: HD B 

Working carier:


29.09.2007.Dunaharaszti XII. International Sleddog Meeting
Weight-pulling (females)
1st place (240 kg)
29.09.2007.Dunaharaszti XII. International Sleddog Meeting
Canicross (men)
4th place with Laszlo
28.09.2008.Dunaharaszti XIII. International Sleddog Meeting
Weight-pulling (females)
1st place (254 kg)
28.09.2008.Dunaharaszti XIII. International Sleddog Meeting
Canicross (women)
8th place with Agi
25.09.2009. XIV. International Sleddog Meeting Dunaharaszti
Canicross (men)
7th place
25.09.2009. XIV. International Sleddog Meeting Dunaharaszti

Weight-pulling (females)

1st place (242 kg)
14.03.2010. Veresegyháza Medve Kupa / Bear Cup Bikejöring(1dog) 4th place with Agi
25-26.09.2010. XV. International Sleddog Meeting Dunaharaszti
9th place with Agi
12-13.03.2011. Bear Cup Veresegyhaz, Hungary Bikejöring(1dog) 5th place with Agi
25-26.02.2012. Tanyakerülő cart race, Őrbottyán (HU)
3rd place (Agi with Lana&Pasek)
03.03.2013.International Dryland Sleddog Race,Fruska Gora(Srb)
6th place with Agi
06.10.2013. Int. Dryland Race Kanjiza (Srb)
3rd place with Laci
29-30.03.2014. V. Int. Dryland Race Bear Cup (Hu)
8th place with Agi
20-22.09.2014. Int. Sleddog Meeting Dunaharaszti (HU)
8th place with Agi
05.10.2014. Int. Dryland Sleddog Race Apatin (Srb)
3rd place with Agi


Offspring: The 7 days litter - sired by HCH, HGCH. HSCH Tovik's Law and Order

Some photos of our girl:

Lana in the show ring:

Lana Lana

Lana's movemet:

Lana 2 years old 2 years old

Lana almost 7 years old


Lana Lana Lana

Lana 5,5 years old (fall 2011)


Lana 5 years old (spring 2011):

5 years 5 years 5 years

Winter 2010

Lana Lana

5 years old 5 years old 5 years old

Lana Lana

Happy girl (fall 2010):

2010 2010 2009

Some of my favorites (mostly from 2009):

wet coat Lana 2009

sweet Lana Lana sleeping

Photos made by Morocz (2008):

Lana 2008 2008 2008