Once upon a time, when I was a child, I've read a story written by Rudyard Kipling about domesticating the wolf, which became the dog. 

The wild dog, attracted by the smell of food, comes close to a cave where a woman is cooking meat, and asks her to give it some. She gives it a bone and the dog gobbles it up. Then, not satisfied yet, the dog asks for another one, but the woman makes a condition: "Wild creature, coming from wild woods, if you help man in hunting, and if you guard his cave, then you'll have all the food you desire." The dog, won by the promise of food and by the woman's voice, leans its muzzle on her lap and accepts the offer.

Laci and our tam

I am owner of two huskies. One older, Ledi's, and a younger, Lana's. Living with them made me change the story of my childhood. I would start it somehow like this:

   One day the wild dog comes close to the cave. He sees the Woman crying. He goes next to her, and asks her what the problem is. She answers: "I'm so lonely, the others don't understand me many times, hunting and guarding the cave is so hard, I need a friend to help me!". The wild dog feels sorry for the woman, and says: "I, the wild creature, coming from wild woods, I will become domestic and I will stay with you. I will help you hunting and guarding, and I will be your loyal friend either in good times or bad times. In change I'm only asking to share your food and home with me, so I can be with you all the time." The woman, won by the promise of the dog, let him lean his muzzle on her lap, and accepts his offer. From that moment she is not lonely anymore...

         I was thinking about what I should tell about my dogs, what can I highlight, and how can I show their caracter. Then I realized, that the best would be to tell you what they mean to me.

         When I took Lana from her mother, she was so little. She bore it very bravely and she would cry only in the evenings. Everybody told me that I should leave her outside, and ignore her crying, and in a few days she would get used to it. I couldn't do that. I went outside and I sit next to her. When she saw me, she came to me squeakily. I was sitting on her little blanket, while she was lying in my lap after circling a little circle. She fell asleep in the twinkling of an eye. I was burning the midnight oil, watching her sleep, and was thinking about how naked, how fragile she is, and how much she trusts me: if I am there nothing wrong can happen to her. I think it was the first time I felt that from the moment I took her from her mother it's me being responsible for her. She tought me what it is like to be worried for somebody every moment of the day if she is next to you, or kilometers away.

         Now, as I'm trying to catch my thoughts, and I'm looking for a story about them, about how consoling their friendship is, I realize that from the moment they are by me, I am not sad. It is not because I hadn't couses to feel blue... it is because the love that I feel when I look at my dogs. It cleans up all the sadness from my heart, and it smoodges the bad memories. The fact that they wake us up every morning with a lick, making our day, or when they put their head on my chest when I'm watching TV, and sometimes look at me with the look "I'm here, I'm here only for you" makes me only grateful. When she is with me on our long walks, never leaving me, and coming back whenever I'm asking her to, well, that makes me feel I'm valuable to her, and I'm a good person because she is able to love me. All this makes me belileve I am a better person, makes me behave like that, and live like that.

This is what my dogs mean to me...

(This article was published in Nordi 2007/4. XI evf.)

Since then some changes happened to our pack.

Ed and Lana

In 2007 I started to correspond with a known breeder Mirjana Prpic. She is the establisher and owner with her husband of Siberian Lady Kennel. I always liked the type of her dogs, and the way she thinks about breeding, but never thought that I can be an owner of a Siberian Lady husky. In that time she had babies from Foxfire The Ringmaster and CH Witch Izzy of Siberian Lady, I was enthralled by the only girl from that litter. Once she asked what if she gives me Power Puff... I had no words, of course I wanted Quinny. So on 21st of June in 2008 she arrived to our home. And from that moment everything has changed in our kennel. We began to pass on another passage.

We registered our kennel name "Northspring" in 2008 and in the same year my Lady left us just before Christmas.

After many studies and planning, health tests and preparing our first litter (7 days litter) arrived on 2nd of January in 2009. Lana was a devoted and great mum, I love her so much! We are really proud of every baby from our first litter, we got much more than we expected. All of the puppies have good temperament and a good build, they are trully "love-children". From this litter we kept one girl in co-ownership with Emese Göllner. Her name is Northspring's Manic Monday. Since then she passed the necessary exams and now is an official search and rescue dog.

In the end of 2009 we decided that it is time to have a boy in our team. We were searching for a male who fits to our girls and our future plans. Luckily we found one litter from a male who represents the type and temperament we wanted to have in our boy (CH Shadetree's Hollywood Cowboy) and from a dam who means the elegance and style in our Siberian Husky world (CH Misty May of Siberian Lady). It was clear that I would like to choose from their babies, I fell in love with a little teddy bear - Indian Legend of Siberian Lady.

Indian Legend of Siberian Lady

Of course our story doesn't end here.

Mirjana, We would like to thank for your trust in us, we are very grateful!

I hope you find appealing our team! Please come back later to see our latest news.

Agnes Karl & Laszlo Domonkos

Northspring Siberian Husky Kennel

We are members of:

Serbian Kennel Club

Sleddog Sport Club Serbia

Club for Northern Breeds and Sleddogs Hungary

Northern Sleddogs Sport Club of Hungary

Nordic Club of Croatia

Anna and Lana

The facts we have no doubt about are:

Our Kennel was established with honour, because of the respect and love of our dogs.
We will try to make our dogs known either in sport or shows.
We will always have only as many dogs as we can handle.
We will have puppies only when we need one, so there will be no waste in our Kennel.
We will breed only with healthy and good homour.
We will always give everything to our dogs and their offspring.
We will never give a dog to a person we know as bad owner.

We will try to do the best. 

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